Chemists have culinary solutions

I’m not really sure whether it is the "cook" in me that gave me the motivation to become a professional chemist or the "chemist" in me that gives me culinary ideas to transform my kitchen into a chemistry lab.  I have always enjoyed cooking, scrubbing pots and pans and relaxing in an aroma-filled kitchen at the end of the day after returning home from work. Herbs, spices, and lentils have always played a major role in my experiments, and I have always believed in creating concoctions with what is available in my kitchen cabinet and coming up with recipes to satisfy my lifestyle and taste buds. The recipes on this site are either TAC, meaning “Traditional Art of Cooking” or TIC, meaning “Transformed International Cuisine”.

Herbs have healing powers
Herbs have been used for generations for their medicinal properties. Cooking with herbs is fun and it is easy to convert any TAC recipe into a delectable TIC to satisfy your taste buds.

Spices have sensational flavors
Spices have been used in all cultures for generations to add an extra dimension to the concoctions that cooks create in the kitchen.  If you don't like a dish because you don't like one of the spices, replace it with your favorite one to create a TIC meal.

Lentils are loaded with proteins
Lentils are a vegetarian alternative to meat, poultry and fish.  By exploiting the taste and texture of different lentils, you can easily create meals for any occasion. Combine them with herbs and spices, and TIC meals will become a way of life for the cook in you.

TIC TIC TIC ... TICing is easy and fun. Stock your cabinets with herbs and spices and you can transform any vegetable, fruit, grain or lentil into a gourmet TIC treat for future generations.

Happy TICing,
Lulu's Tactics

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